The Falcon and the Co-Eds


Crime Mystery
67 min     6.2     1943     USA


The Falcon is called to a young woman's school to investigate a murder. When he arrives, another victim is discovered.


CinemaSerf wrote:
When a tutor at a women's college is mysteriously killed, one of the students (Amelita Ward) asks "Lawrence" (Tom Conway) to use his skills to conclude whether this woman killed herself or was done away with. Initially unsure, the "Falcon" is soon embroiled in another rather brutal murder - a sword and the Dean don't make for the best of companions - and with no shortage of prospective perpetrators, he must find out who and why! Add to the mix a bit of psychic prophesy (Rita Corday) and the vaguely bizarre but amusing trio of Nancy McCollum, Juanita and Ruth Alvarez and we are set for quite a solidly entertaining crime mystery with just enough comedy - especially from the policing due of "Donovan" (Cliff Clark) and "Bates" (Edward Gargan) to keep this enjoyably paced delivering a slightly more complex brain-teaser that Conway steers along nicely for an hour.