Home in Indiana

All The Thrills Of 'Kentucky'! All The Magnificence Of 'Maryland'! Come Home To Your Heart in Indiana!

Adventure Drama Romance
104 min     5.6     1944     USA


'Sparke' Thorton, a lad with a penchant for trouble, is sent to live with his Uncle and Aunt Bolt in Indiana after his Aunt Henrietta Bolt dies. Though he's not happy about the arrangement at first, his love of horses and his affection for a young filly that he plans to race make life bearable. He also finds romance with tomboyish 'Char' Bruce who shares his love for horses.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Lon McCallister is the wayward young lad "Sparky" who is sent to live with his aunt "Penny" (Charlotte Greenwood) and uncle "Thunder" (Walter Brennan) in rural Indiana. Instead of going to school each day, he manages to find work at the neighbouring stud farm where he shows considerable skill with the animals. His uncle also has past with horses, so after a bit of a rocky start they all start to bond - and to train one of the horses to race, trap style. The horse is owned by the "Boole" family who have a daughter, the slightly superior "Cri-Cri" (June Haver) who is friends with the daughter of their trainer, the more down to earth, horse-loving "Char" (Jeanne Crain) and they both take a shine to the good looking but rather naive young man. What follows is an engaging story depicting family tribulations, dedication and spirit - with a gentle romance that will resonate with many a person unaware of what was staring them in the face. Ward Bond adds value as the trainer - and his rival on the track - but I could have done with a little more Brennan and a little less frolicking in the lake. The fine cinematography - lots of rolling meadows, horses and some quite convincing track race photography keep this ticking over nicely with the gentlest of heart-string pulling at the end.