Pursuit to Algiers

Universal Pictures

Adventure Crime Mystery
65 min     6.787     1945     USA


After the King of Ruthenia has been assassinated, Holmes and Watson are engaged to escort his son to Europe via Algiers, aboard a transatlantic ocean liner which also carries a number of suspicious persons, any of whom may be involved in a plot to also assassinate him.


CinemaSerf wrote:
This is one of my favourite outings for Messrs. Rathbone and Bruce as "Holmes" and "Watson". Possibly because this one gives more screen time to the amiable Nigel Bruce - he even gives us a rendition "The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond" as the pair embark on a dangerous mission to repatriate the King of Rovinia to his country following the assassination of his father. In order to, theoretically, avoid suspicion, they sail from the UK to Algiers hoping to smuggle their charge without mishap. Fat chance! Of course it doesn't work out that way - and we have a few fun maritime escapades, and an intriguing little sub-plot - on their way. Plaudits must go the rather formidable Rosalind Ivan as "Miss Dunham" and to Martin Kosleck as the slimy "Mirko" who help our duo keep us entertained for just over the hour. Probably not one for Holmesian purists, but still entertaining stuff.