Dick Barton: Special Agent

Hammer Film Productions

Action Crime Comedy
70 min     3.2     1948     United Kingdom


Government agent Dick Barton battles a ring of Nazi spies who are planning to poison the entire London water supply.


CinemaSerf wrote:
The premiss for this is quite good - a disparate gang of Nazi spies plotting to poison the London water supply. Only the eponymous special agent (Don Stannard) can track down the conspirators and thwart their plan... Well, aside from the instantly recognisable John Bath theme tune, this is really just a series of radio sketches with a camera in front of the actors. Indeed, all that is actually missing is the sound effects man with the coconut shells and the washboard. It flows like glue, and lumpy glue at that - and although the story itself is actually quite good, the execution here is really unremarkable. The last ten minutes redeem it slightly, at least things are happening, but otherwise it's a film to watch only if you are really bored