Adam and Evelyne

Two Cities Films

Romance Comedy Drama
92 min     6.7     1949     United Kingdom


The father of a girl in an orphanage, who doesn't remember him, has been writing to her with tales of his success in business. Actually, he is impersonating a friend, a handsome gambler. When the father dies, the gambler takes the girl from the orphanage and tells her the truth. But the girl is now a full-grown beauty and complications arise, including those provided by a black-sheep brother.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Stewart Granger is "Adam", a rather raffish gambler who, when his wartime friend "Chris" dies, adopts his daughter "Evelyn" (Jean Simmons) who has hitherto been living in an orphanage. Initially he pretends that he is her father, but that is soon exposed by his friends and the two must now treat honestly - or as honestly as he knows how - with each other and the bond begins to mature, much to the chagrin of the rather calculating Helen Cherry... Both stars work well together, and the simple story is a well written and directed tale of deceit, deception and some good old-fashioned love and with Wilfred Hyde-White (another of those actors whose voice has a instantly identifiable silky timbre) adds a little charm to the proceedings, too - and in the end it all comes down to a moustache!