A Talking Mule....the funniest film surprise in 5 years!

Comedy Family Fantasy
91 min     5.6     1950     USA


The truthful soldier Stirling didn't know how to lie about his source of information, the talking army Mule, Francis, so he was treated as a lunatic and led to one after another hilarious situations, where the mule was the only one that appeared in his right mind. In the process of all this, the mule assisted in uncovering a spy, Mareen, who pretended to be lost among the jungles, but was actually...


r96sk wrote:
'Francis' is exactly what you'd expect it to be. It isn't something I'd consider worthy of a watch due to many things, with one being the repetitive nature of the story. It's a poor flick, lacking in interest, from 1950; showing all the signs of a film from that era too, distastefully. Donald O'Connor's performance is solid enough, he is definitely the reason why I'm not rating this film lower. Chill Wills voices the titular character and suits the role well, while Patricia Medina shows glimpses; despite a lousy accent. It's more so the plot that sticks out most, if not necessarily positively. It's as dumb as you'd predict and the film, for the most part, knows that in fairness. Incredibly, it's the first of seven films from this series. One down and all that...