The Flying Missile

The Bomb That Stalks Its Prey!

91 min     5.4     1950     USA


A Navy commander experiments with launching missiles from submarines.


CinemaSerf wrote:
I don't know about you, but I always found Glenn Ford a rather dull actor to watch. He wasn't bad, just unremarkable - and this maritime adventure sort of confirms that. He is a determined (bolshy) US Naval Commander who is convinced of the merits of launching missiles from submarines - despite scepticism from the upper echelons - and so sets out to coax, cajole and bulldoze his theories through. Viveca Lindfors "Karin" provides the love interest, and indirectly some of the conflict as her father is a devout pacifist. The end result is never in jeopardy and to a certain extent the film smacks of willy-waving at the Soviets in the immediate (1950) aftermath of WWII - with scant regard to fact. I tend to like submarine adventure films (usually because they are exciting and there is normally an absence of slushy love scenes) but this doesn't really satisfy either of my criteria and so whilst it's not rotten, it's almost as bad - it's bland.