The funniest thing that ever happened to a family!

Comedy Romance
90 min     6.125     1950     USA


Architect Hal Norton and wife Meg invite his widowed mother Louisa to move in with them, only to discover the sweet elderly lady is romantically involved with what seems to be every old coot in town.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Despite the name at the top of the billing, this film belongs fairly and squarely to the elderly folks - Spring Byington ("Louisa"), Edmund Gwenn ("Hammond") and Charles Coburn ("Burnside"). Both men are vying for the affections of the former - the mother of aspiring architect "Hal" (Ronald Reagan). The story moves along quickly and amusingly with the two resorting to more increasingly outlandish methods to secure the hand of "Louisa". Meantime, their antics are playing havoc on her son and on his family with whom she lives. Though the ending is a bit far-fetched, the joke still holds up remarkably well. Reagan portrays the role of the increasingly frenetic son quite effusively and the family of supporting cast - including Piper Laurie and Scotty Beckett who are having their own relationship issues - all contribute well to this enjoyable story that clearly validates the theory that life begins at 50, or 60, or....