Cattle Town

THIS IS CATTLEMAN'S LAND, MISTER...and no man is tough enough to take it away!

71 min     7.5     1952     USA


Director Noel M. Smith's 1952 western stars Dennis Morgan, Philip Carey, Amanda Blake and Rita Moreno.


John Chard wrote:
Mike McGann is The Man. Directed by Noel M. Smith and starring Dennis Morgan, there's not a lot to write home about here for Western fans. Yet there's just enough of good old fashioned yee-haw to keep it from stinker status. Plot is set in post-civil-war Texas and finds crafty Notherners buying up the land for nefarious gains. In comes the government envoy to investigate, at the front is tough guy Mike McGann (Morgan). It's a curious mix of gunfights and singing - including a barber quintet - but the action is well staged and not in short supply, while the finale is rather rousing as cattle go berserk. It never sits still so three's no boredom factor - as it runs at just a little over 70 minutes - and Morgan (in his last WB role) is a likable leading man for this type of material. 5/10