The Eternal Sea

Hollywood Now Brings You a Story of Heroic Greatness...

War Drama
103 min     6.1     1955     USA


Biography of Admiral John Hoskins' efforts to retain active command despite WW2 injury.


CinemaSerf wrote:
This is another film that is really let down by it's title. One that suggests more of a swashbuckler - or a romance, at any rate - than a biopic of American Admiral Hoskins (Sterling Hayden) who was a pioneer of the use of jet aircraft from aircraft carriers. As it is, it's an OK depiction of the struggles of the man against the elements, technology, human frailty and government to get his ideas implemented. Hayden is a charm-free actor here, his dedication to his task is laudable, but cheerless and any semblance of romance with wife Sue (a rather prim Alexis Smith) left me cold. It does have oodles of wonderful original aerial photography to augment it, though - and that helps. Sadly, though, this is all as flat as the deck on the "USS Princeton".