The drama and the passion of one of the epic events of the twentieth century !

History War Action
208 min     6.7     1960     USA


Based on Leon Uris' novel, this historical epic provides a dramatic backstory to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, in the aftermath of World War II. Ari Ben Canaan, a passionate member of the Jewish paramilitary group Haganah, attempts to transport 600 Jewish refugees on a dangerous voyage from Cyprus to Palestine on a ship named the Exodus. He faces obstruction from British forces, who will not grant the ship passage to its destination.


Andres Gomez wrote:
A want-to-be epic story that fails quite miserable. Excessively long and not well edited with tons of meaningless scenes and quite a bad positioning of the camera which outcomes in wrong lightning and shadows from the filming team. The best is its soundtrack, by far.