Drakut the Avenger

Italian     5     1961    


Drakut the Avenger


CinemaSerf wrote:
"Drakut" (Burt Nelson) is riding back to his home when he espies a coach being attacked by some bandits. He rescues the occupant - a girl who is maid to the local Princess and he quickly discovers that his people - the Gypsies, and her's are being manipulated into a conflict that maybe only he can thwart. It is pretty obvious from the start who the maiden really is, but Luigi Capuano makes us wait a while before both that is confirmed, and before "Drakut" must face down the evil Grand Duke Atanas (Mario Petri) who is scheming to have his mother - the Queen of his people, burned as a witch. Things complicate further when the Princess's father is killed and she must nominate a regent - perilous times for all. It's quite a decent little peplum, this one. It moves along quite entertainingly with plenty of chases and swordplay. The combat scenes are way too choreographed, though - the fighting scenes wouldn't look out of place in a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon. The dubbing is fine, it does the job, and the characters offer just enough for 90 minutes to keep it watchable, if also entirely forgettable.