Sir Francis Drake

United Kingdom

Action & Adventure
English     4.8     1961     United Kingdom


Sir Francis Drake was a British adventure television series starring Terence Morgan as Sir Francis Drake, commander of the sailing ship the Golden Hind. As well as battles at sea, sword fights, the series also deals with intrigue at Elizabeth's court, often caused by Spaniard, Mendoza.


CinemaSerf wrote:
A series of 26 x half hour adventures imagining (mostly) the swashbuckling adventures of one of England's greatest sea-farers as he works to save his country and his Queen from the evil machinations of the Spaniards. Terence Morgan, in the title role, has some charisma and some skill at the swordplay; Jean Kent as the Queen looks regal enough, though her part is hardly taxing; and a regular supporting cast including Michael Crawford and Roger Delgado as the scheming Spanish Ambassador make for a fun historical romp with little regard to history but lots to action, costumes and, of course, romance! Like the "Adventures of Robin Hood" or "William Tell" etc.; these are good fun family tea-time dramas well worth a watch.