The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Shamley Productions

Crime Mystery Drama
English     7.8     1962     USA


A continuation of the dramatic anthology series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, hosted by the master of suspense and mystery.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
I read everything, and that isn't bragging because I read some crap that I hide from visitors because it's embarrassing. My history books, my philosophy books, they are out in the open... but the Romance novels, the trash western and adventure novels, those are kept out of sight. I've already been caught by a roommate when I was reading "The Wolf and the Dove," because I found a paperback for $1 at a library and it was the only thing that looked entertaining at the time. Anyway Hitchcock reminds me of the old pulp novels I pick up at antique stores. It reminds me of some of the pulp megapacks you can buy on Amazon... only in some cases the stories are a lot better with Hitchcock. He stands the test of time, my wife is watching him independently. As in, it's OLD, she is a Millennial, and I don't have to force her to watch something old for once. Usually with Millennials and Gen-Z "Old=Evil" and they actively don't bother.... but she is getting older and starting to embrace that what came before can be good too. That is a high mark, it's not an easy feat to get her into black and white anything. She ate this up. It stands the test of time, in the 60s it was good, and in 2022 it's still good. Not much ages like fine wine. Hitchcock does.