...the masked bandit

Drama Family
85 min     6.1     1969     USA


A comedy filled with tenderness as a baby raccoon snuggles his way into the life of a lonely boy. He becomes the boy's only companion during his father's frequent absences. Because of Rascal, both father and son realize their responsibility to each other


r96sk wrote:
Hearty tale. 'Rascal' is nothing absolutely incredible, the cast et al. aren't anything to shout about. That doesn't, however, stop it leaving a heartfelt impression due to its story. It's cool following Sterling & Rascal's journey. As for the cast, Steve Forrest gives a solid display as Willard while Bill Mumy is suitable for the role of Sterling; who is voiced, for narration, by Walter Pidgeon, he does a grand job in truth. The other members are OK. It might not delve too deeply into the actual lives of Sterling & family, but everything featuring the adorable raccoon and his story is pleasant. At 85 minutes, it's nice and short too.