Lisa Film

Romance Crime Drama
85 min     0     1967     Germany


Arne Arndahl, a Norwegian farmer and sawmill owner, lives on the remote Svytelma farm with his marriageable daughters Astrid and Christine and his housekeeper Karen. When he is out hunting, his farmhand tries to rape Astrid. He is chased off the farm by the women. When Arne learns what has happened, he is driven to the Faalsund inn, trembling with rage, where he almost kills Erik, the farmhand. A stranger, who appears as suddenly as he disappears, stops him by force. At night, wolves break into the Arndahls' stables and snatch a calf. The next morning, Arne sets off to hunt down the gray predators. On the way, he is surprised by a snowstorm. And suddenly they are there: the wolves! Arne slips and loses his weapon. At first he manages to fend off the wolves with a wooden club, but then one of the beasts knocks him to the ground and the others are all over him...