All in the Family

Like the Good Book says, Let him who is without sin... be the rollin' stone.

English     7.827     1971     US


Archie Bunker, a working class bigot, constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day.


drystyx wrote:
This was a pretty funny show. I'm speaking about all of the seasons together. It's about a taxi driver named Archie Bunker (played by Carrol O'Conner), and his family, played by Stapleton, Struthers, and Reiner. "Archie Bunker" is now considered another word for "bigot", so that tells you where the comedy comes in. The jokes revolve around Archie being a fool and pawn and butt of the jokes, but in a good natured way. His wife, Edith, also called "Dingbat", delivers some of the funniest lines with innocent aplomb. The funniest line of the entire show, for example, occurs when Archie tells here how members of his bowling team got their nicknames. A six foot six guy is called "Shorty", a bald guy is called "Hairy", a skinny guy is called "Fatty", so Edith says, "I know the perfect name for you, Archie...Handsome!" Archie has one daughter, Gloria, who is married to "Meathead". There's a bit of depth to the show as "Meathead" who is the ultimate liberal to Archie's ultimate conservative, often gets called out for his own bit of "condescending" racism. I was around when the show began, but never delved into it like most other people. Still, it was mildly funny to me, and it still is mildly funny.