The Man Called Noon

From The Pen Of The Greatest Western Writer In America Today -- Louis L'Amour

98 min     5.8     1973     Italy


Noon is a gunfighter who has become amnesiac. Helped by Rimes, an outlaw who has befriended him, he tries to figure out who he is actually. It gradually appears that his wife and kid have been murdered. As time goes by, Noon also recalls a fortune hidden somewhere. Niland, a scheming judge, and Peg Cullane, a greedy will do everything to prevent Noon and Rimes from achieving their end while Fan Davidge, a woman living in a ghost town, will support them.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Despite the fact that Stephen Boyd starred in a couple of the most famous films ever made, he really was a singularly mediocre actor and that is pretty clearly illustrated in this hotch-potch of a western. Here he ("Rimes") finds himself assisting the forgetful "Noon" (Richard Crenna) to track down who he is, where he is from and just how, exactly, he found himself in this amnesiac state. During moments of lucidity, "Noon" recalls a cache of gold - so the two, along with the feisty "Fan" (Rosanna Schiaffino) set off to find it before nasty "Judge Niland" (Farley Granger) and his slightly do-lally pal "Peg" (Patty Shepard) do them all in. Peter Collinson has done an OK job with this. These multi-national efforts were never as good on screen as they might have looked on paper. Crenna is efficient, though not spectacular and there is some nice cinematography to accompany a jaunty score from Luis Bacalov. Nothing new here and not a film I could say I shall ever watch again.