My Name Is Nobody

Nobody, but Nobody, knows the trouble he's in!

Comedy Western
117 min     7.254     1973     France


Jack Beauregard, an ageing gunman of the Old West, only wants to retire in peace and move to Europe. But a young gunfighter, known as "Nobody", who idolizes Beauregard, wants him to go out in a blaze of glory. So he arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.


John Chard wrote:
Lonesome Gun. Remember folks, just because it's not my bag doesn't mean it's a bad film... Il mio nome è Nessuno (My Name Is Nobody) is directed by Tonino Valerii and Sergio Leone and co-written by Leone, Fulvio Morsella and Ernesto Gastaldi. It stars Terence Hill, Henry Fonda and Jean Martin. Music is by Ennio Morricone and cinematography by Giuseppe Ruzzolini. It’s a Spaghetti Western comedy that is highly thought of in like minded circles, but for the casual observer it’s too damn quirky for its own good and gets caught between two worlds. The action quotient is high, the direction, performances and visuals are very good, and the humour, if you like it spoofery flavoured, is never in short supply. While Morricone provides an unusual musical score that ultimately befits the odd nature of the beast as it were. Thematically it has something to say on the changing West, and in fact on the changing of the Western movie as well. While structurally the makers never miss an opportunity to lift and homage from Western movies of the past. It’s very much one for fans of the medium only. 5/10