Theatre of Blood

It's curtains for his critics!

Comedy Horror
104 min     6.786     1973     United Kingdom


A Shakespearean actor takes poetic revenge on the critics who denied him recognition.


John Chard wrote:
Shakespeare's of Fulham! Theatre of Blood is directed by Douglas Hickox and adapted to screenplay by Anthony Greville-Bell from an idea by Stanley Mann and John Kohn. It stars Vincent Price, Diana Rigg and a whole host of British thespian talent! Music is by Michael J. Lewis and cinematography by Wolfgang Suschitzky. Edward Kendall Sheridan Lionheart (Price) considered himself a master Shakespearean actor, he also considered all the critics of his time to be harsh and unflattering towards his ability. When he is over looked for a prestigious award he jumps out of a building to his apparent death. Not long after though, all the critics of the London circle so despised by Lionheart start to be killed in ways reminiscent of Shakespeare's plays. What you have read or heard about Vincent Price the actor is true, he was great. Same with Theatre of Blood, beloved by his fans and correctly held up as a homage to Price by many of his acting peers. The critics, perhaps unsurprisingly, were very mixed about it on release, but time has been very kind to it. It's a darkly comic and macabre tale, often gruesome while letting Price strut his stuff with an elegant pomposity that's as absurd as it is utterly enjoyable. Rigg is also brilliant, while the roll call of actors lining up to be murdered in grizzly fashion don't put a foot wrong. Pick a favourite death? Me, Robert Morley as Meredith Meredew, his death here has haunted me since I first saw the film some 30 odd years ago. Entertaining, memorable and along side Witchfiner General as essential viewings for anyone interested in the greatness of Vincent Price. 8/10