Fawlty Towers

Don’t mention the war!

English     8.225     1975     United Kingdom


Owner Basil Fawlty, his wife Sybil, a chambermaid Polly, and Spanish waiter Manuel attempt to run their hotel amidst farcical situations and an array of demanding guests.


farquarRonalds wrote:
This is absolute comic perfection. You have Basil Fawlty, who is played immensely well. In _Waldorf Salad_, when he faces the prospect of unhappy guests, he lashes out in a tirade that makes for a much more appealing story rather than a mushy emotional sort. I could go on. The “don’t mention the war!” bit is going to be quoted for thousands of years, Basil the Rat makes for a legendary send-off and Mrs. Richards was another masterpiece in itself. How else would anyone want real life to be? Perfection. Never to Die. Never to be matched or surpassed. Fawlty Towers!