The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Why are the world's chief assassins after Inspector Clouseau? Why not? Everybody else is.

Comedy Crime
103 min     6.833     1976     United Kingdom


Charles Dreyfus, who has finally cracked over inspector Clouseau's antics, escapes from a mental institution and launches an elaborate plan to get rid of Clouseau once and for all.


Charles Dance wrote:
**The best of the Panther films** As much James Bond film as Pink Panther movie, this 1976 entry begins with _former_ Chief Inspector Dreyfus, (Herbert Lom) about to be released from the lunatic asylum and all is going well - until _Chief Inspector_ Clouseau turns up... Within minutes, the newly sane _former_ police commissioner Dreyfus is reduced to a _gibbering maniac_ - hell bent on destroying the world unless the authorities deliver Clouseau to him. The following 90 minutes consist of an inflatable Quasimodo hovering above Notre Dame cathedral, an absurd fight with an 'oriental lunatic', assassin wars at the Oktoberfest, a dentist with a plastic nose and the destruction of the United Nations building. Sellers and director Blake Edwards did everything right here. With a script this insane - they couldn't really go wrong.