Saturday Night Fever

... Catch it!

Drama Music
118 min     6.7     1977     USA


Tony spends his Saturdays at a disco where his stylish moves raise his popularity among the patrons. But his life outside the disco is not easy and things change when he gets attracted to Stephanie.


Cat Ellington wrote:
One of my all-time favorite films, Saturday Night Fever is a cult classic! It never ages. And yes, my mother took my big brother and me directly to the record store afterwards, where she purchased the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. We played the needle through it when we got home. (Laughs) Dynamite soundtrack. Dynamite film.
Wuchak wrote:
Great snapshot of the disco era with compelling characters and story RELEASED IN 1977 and directed by John Badham, "Saturday Night Fever" is a drama/musical detailing events in Brooklyn where a group of Italian-American youths led by Tony Manero (John Travolta) work dead-end jobs, rumble with Hispanics and meet babes at the local discothèque where Tony is a champion dancer. Donna Pescow plays his needy wannabe girlfriend while Karen Lynn Gorney plays his dance partner for a big contest. This was a huge hit in its day and the catalyst for disco fever throughout the world. To this day you’ll see people mimic Travolta’s iconic dance stance with one arm pointing upward and the corresponding leg out. John was in the prime of his life at 22 during shooting (a great inspiration for guys to get in shape) and already popular due to TV’s Welcome Back Kotter. “Saturday Night Fever” shot him to stardom, making him a household name. The movie’s hit status was deserved because of its emphasis on the ordinary, but interesting protagonists and their entertaining drama, not to mention the dynamic dance sequences and popular soundtrack featuring the Bee Gees. There are several quality scenes, including one with the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop. Watch for 19 year-old Fran Drescher making her acting debut in a glorified cameo. THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour 58 minutes and was shot in Brooklyn, New York City. WRITERS: Nik Cohn (story) and Norman Wexler (screenplay). GRADE: A-/B+