The Fury

An experience in terror and suspense.

Horror Science Fiction Thriller
118 min     6.272     1978     USA


When a devious plot separates CIA agent Peter Sandza from his son, Robin, the distraught father manages to see through the ruse. Taken because of his psychic abilities, Robin is being held by Ben Childress, who is studying people with supernatural powers in hopes of developing their talents as weapons. Soon Peter pairs up with Gillian, a teen who has telekinesis, to find and rescue Robin.


John Chard wrote:
With powers like yours. The Fury is directed by Brian De Palma and adapted to screenplay from his own novel by John Farris. It stars Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress, Charles Durning, Amy Irving, Fiona Lewis and Andrew Stevens. Music is by John Williams and cinematography by Richard H. Kline. De Palma once again indulges in the strange world of psychic abilities and telekinetic powers, with mixed results. On one hand it features strong performances, some masterful techniques by De Palma, a superb score by Williams, and an ending fit to grace any horror film past or present. On the other it's exposition heavy, too draggy in the mid- section and much of the screenplay isn't narratively cohesive. Yet getting through the chores is worth it, the last third of film enters the realm of the weird and the bloody, gripping in texture and execution. Far from perfect but when it hits its straps it soars. 7/10