Return from Witch Mountain

Sinister forces from this world against two young space travellers from another.

Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction
95 min     5.939     1978     US


Tony and Tia are other-worldly twins endowed with telekinesis. When their Uncle Bene drops them off in Los Angeles for an earthbound vacation, a display of their supernatural skill catches the eye of the nefarious Dr. Gannon and his partner in crime, Letha, who see rich possibilities in harnessing the children's gifts. They kidnap Tony, and Tia gives chase only to find Gannon is using her brother's powers against her.


r96sk wrote:
After an intriguing first film, 'Return from Witch Mountain' is annoyingly a sequel that chooses a lazy, formulaic evil villain storyline. Don't get me wrong, what you get isn't anything majorly negative but it does very little to boost the production it precedes. The 1975 film ends with a revelation of something more, to the point you'd expect them to build upon it here. Sadly they don't, as we get a very bland bad guy. Christopher Lee is notably in this, but unfortunately for him plays the aforementioned antagonist - Dr. Victor Gannon. He is joined by Bette Davis (Letha), who is equally forgettable. Kim Richards (Tia) and Ike Eisenmann (Tony) return to play the two kids, while there are decent minor roles for Jack Soo (Yokomoto) and Richard Bakalyan (Eddie). Disappointing that they didn't continue the idea left by 'Escape to Witch Mountain'. As such, it was always going to come out weaker.