The Final Countdown

Trapped outside the boundaries of time and space... 102 aircraft... 6,000 men... all missing.

War Action Science Fiction
103 min     6.6     1980     USA


During routine manoeuvres near Hawaii in 1980, the aircraft-carrier USS Nimitz is caught in a strange vortex-like storm, throwing the ship back in time to 1941—mere hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


JPV852 wrote:
Pretty fun Twilight Zone-esque movie that was entertaining throughout. Always like the ideas of alternate history and while this doesn't quite change history in the end (and shouldn't given it was Pearl Harbor, not to mention when this movie was released, survivors were only in their early/mid 60s), still was a good time. On the downside, the actual travel through the portal was cheesy and cheap even for 1979/80. **3.75/5** As a side, interesting that only 7 years later, the sons of Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen will star in Wall Street...