An American Werewolf in London

Beware the Moon.

Horror Comedy
97 min     7.38     1981     United Kingdom


Two American tourists in England are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.


Potential Kermode wrote:
**The best horror film of the eighties** This is a gem, it really is. Alternately amusing and horrific - John Landis plays our emotions like a fiddle here. He is pulling all the strings and we are uncertain as to which string he is going to pull next. From the eerie Yorkshire countryside of the opening scenes through David's _awful_ nightmares in hospital to amusing zombie chit chat and finally the climactic slaughter in London - this film never lets up. How many films will you find Kermit the frog sharing a scene with throat slicing, machine gun wielding mutants dressed as Nazis? - Potential Kermode
Matthew Brady wrote:
"Beware the moon, lads." Still frightening and funny 38 years later. The transformation scene was absolutely incredible, but also really painful. You literally hear every bone crack in his body, and all his organs reshaping and shifting. No other werewolf movie has topped that scene and never will. The song Bad Moon Rising is the icing on the cake. Rick Baker make-up work is masterful. He's the real beast here.
Peter89Spencer wrote:
An 80s horror classic! The storyline was well written, the special effects were amazing, and Jenny Agutter was so sexy! Although the ending was a bit rushed - just like the Wolfman, the main character dies, and the film ends, just like that! What's more messed up is they play an upbeat song during the end credits, right after we see David's lifeless body. The ending is my one critique. The rest of the movie was pretty good.