Walt Disney Pictures

Family Drama
100 min     7.3     1981     USA


A woman leaves her husband after the death of her child to teach deaf children how to speak. Her own child was deaf and although she has no formal training she successfully teaches one boy.


r96sk wrote:
A very sweet film, one with its heart truly in the right place. I had a fine time watching 'Amy'. There's a few very touching moments, alongside a few shocking parts too; one particularly surprised the hell out of me, the most a Disney film has so far in fact. Those come amongst the storyline which entails blind and deaf children, as well as a bit of women's empowerment in there too. They blend it together nicely. Jenny Agutter is excellent in the titular role, I felt connected to her story whilst also getting the required sense care and charm that her character is intended to have. Otto Rechenberg, one of many deaf/blind people cast, is very good. All the main ones onscreen do a noteworthy job, in fairness. Enjoyable and hearty. Watch it.