Sharky's Machine

If you mess with a cop like Sharky, you better be very tough . . . or very beautiful.

Crime Drama Action
122 min     6.1     1981     USA


Police officer Tom Sharky gets busted back to working vice, where he happens upon a scandalous conspiracy involving a local politician. Sharky's new 'machine' gathers evidence while Sharky falls in love with a woman he has never met.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
It was made in '81 and is actually a pretty solid police film. It's not great, it's not Chinatown, but it also is pretty far from horrible. The dialogue is absolutely fantastic, and even in the throw away moments, there is a humor that seems very human. It's Hollywood sharp and witty to the point where it's almost too good to be realistic, it's just, human. There are a lot of little throw away conversations that seem like the kind of thing you'd hear in your everyday life. And that adds a nice touch of realism to what is otherwise a cop film, and those are always pretty unrealistic. The sound track is a little dated, a little 70s Adult film in places, but that was just a trope of the era and even great films like Three Days of the Condor had that 70s had that "I expect John Holmes to walk in any minute now" kind of music... but then it also had the cliche 80s sex scene instrumentals. So it feels like the merging of two eras and, audioly, it can't really decide if it wants to be 70s or 80s. And then it has crooning that seems like it fits better in a Sean Connery era 007 film. I guess what I'm saying is that, if there is a flaw, it's the sound track. Essentially what it is though is a solid cop film that is bucking for 1970s gritty and realistic, but is still, ultimately, as over the top and unrealistic as most police thrillers. It's a very enjoyable film to watch.... despite the music.