The Hitchhiker

He takes you places you don't want to visit alone.

English     6.292     1983     CA


A young hitchhiker introduces characters who are about to experience a frightening and sometimes supernatural incident of some kind in this moody anthology series.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
This was one of those shows that SHOULD come back. American Horror Story tires to do it, only on a much larger scale with a new story each season that is supposed to be connected in a grandiose way...and that is fine but... Like Tales From the Crypt, the Hitchhiker, just offered a new and unique story each week, written and directed and acted by some very talented people. Some are science fiction, some were westerns, some were monster stories, some were comedies, but all were exceptionally well crafted. Part of the draw to it was that missing a week didn't mean you had to catch up at all. And part of it was that, if you didn't like a particular episode you could come back next week and see something entirely different. The quality never failed and it allowed for an absolute originality.