Laura... a 16 anni mi dicesti sì

Filmes International

90 min     5.2     1983     Italy


A young fisherman from Pozzuoli, Gino Esposito, is in love with the sixteen-year-old Laura who reciprocates him with passion; but her family is opposed to the idyll and even goes so wildly to beat the young man. The two pigeons, however, on the advice of the common friend Tito, flee to Venice but are immediately resumed; she is brought back home, he in prison for a minor rat. Laura marries Tito to save Gino from prison. So they spend about ten years, the two lovers meet again by chance in the record store that he has opened and they discover they still love each other. Gino remained a widower with a lively little boy, Duccio; Laura has a daughter Lisa, whom her father Titus adores. The marriage without love of Laura, after the meeting with Gino, goes into crisis. Tito is jealous of his wife who now hates him; so to take revenge on his rival he decided to have a bomb put in Gino's shop.