The Parent Trap II

Hayley Mills is at it again !

Family Comedy TV Movie
81 min     5.813     1986     USA


Two best friends plot to get their single parents together to stop one of them from moving to New York.


r96sk wrote:
I did not expect to enjoy this, and yet I did. 'The Parent Trap II' somehow, despite a cavernous 25-year gap from the original, manages to create a suitably entertaining sequel. The premise to this one is arguably the more realistic of the two, though the characters themselves actually react more unrealistically - it's kinda odd, but actually works. Nikki and Mary are the child stars of this, the former is the daughter of Sharon and niece of Susan; both of whom are the leads in 1961's 'The Parent Trap'. The aforementioned are again portrayed by Hayley Mills, somewhat surprisingly but very much welcome. She does a good job, as do Carrie Kei Heim (Nikki) and Bridgette Andersen (Mary). Tom Skerritt plays the role of Bill competently, also. It most definitely isn't a great production and isn't a patch on the first one. However, for what it is - a made-for-TV sequel - I actually rate it. I don't hold high hopes for the other two follow-ups, though perhaps they'll surprise me like this did.
Kamurai wrote:
Bad watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend. Hailey Mills is about the only good thing going on in this movie, and she's doing double work again, but this time as a spy against, but on behalf of her's quite literally a plot thought out by a 12 year old. This still has the old "Walt Disney" and "Buena Vista" text on it, and Disney hasn't bothered to add it to Disney Plus yet, and I can't really blame them for not "re-mastering" (or whatever) this one. The idea of trapping any two random people together into a relationship doesn't have the same appeal as re-kindling an old flame to re-unite a family, especially long lost twins. While the first was charming, this is void of substance or real entertainment.