The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

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Comedy Crime
86 min     7.213     1988     USA


When the incompetent Lieutenant Frank Drebin seeks the ruthless killer of his partner, he stumbles upon an attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.


Nutshell wrote:
One of the funniest and most politically incorrect movies ever made, and yes it's more than a bit crass... The laughs come rapid-fire and never let up for an instant. Leslie Nielsen is brilliant, and within 15 minutes or so you feel you know Frank Drebin inside and out. The supporting cast is also excellent, notably Ricardo Montalban and Priscilla Presley. There are too many hilarious scenes to even think of listing here, but unless you are easily offended, you are guaranteed a great time with this one. Be sure to seek out the 2 sequels, as well as the ill-fated TV series Police Squad, which inspired this comic masterpiece.
CinemaSerf wrote:
Leslie Nielsen is on great form here as the hapless "Lt. Drebin" charged with the security of Queen Elizabeth on Her Majesty's forthcoming visit to Los Angeles. Unfortunately for him, criminal mastermind "Ludwig" (Ricardo Montalban) has been offered $20 million if he arranges for her assassination. Can "Drebin" and his boss "Hocken" (George Kennedy) thwart this complicated and dastardly plan? Well the Queen has just celebrated her platinum jubilee, so I guess we don't need to dwell on the jeopardy here. What we do have, right from the start, are some fun slapstick scenarios that see our accident prone hero cause chaos and mayhem as he manages to wreck just about every state occasion lined up for their visitor by mayor Nancy Marchand, whilst falling in love with the menacing baddie's girlfriend "Jane" (Priscilla Presley). The dialogue is pithy and entertaining - if at times a little puerile, and both Nielsen and Presley have great timing as this calamitous series of scenarios build to a suitably daft conclusion with an on-form Montalban. Along the way the score and the script manage to parody quite a few other films and that raises a smile too. At times, the humour is a little close to the politically correct bone - smutty, even - so I doubt very much it would ever be made nowadays - but, of it's time, it's actually quite enjoyable.