Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Hold everything! The cadets are dropping in on Miami Beach for an all new adventure.

Comedy Crime
90 min     5.1     1988     USA


The Police Academy misfits travel to Miami Beach for Commandant Lassard to be honored with a prestigious lifetime award pending his retirement. Things take a turn when Lassard unknowingly ends up in possession of stolen diamonds from a jewel heist.


Potential Kermode wrote:
**Those Academy imbeciles are back!** ...and this time there are plenty of _golf balls to slip on._ Never before have I laughed so long and so hard at a man slipping on a golf ball. Captain Harris lost his trouser because the silly man who makes the sounds made an _amusing beeping noise._ This deeply complex and inventive script hits all the right targets and the viewer will often find themselves gasping for air and choking on their own tonsil due to incessant laughing. A fat man eats a donut and the jam squirts out. I cracked my kidney laughing. I've never been so amused ever - the donut had jam in it and the pressure of the bite caused the jam to break free of its _outer casing._