Tales from the Crypt

Tales From The Crypt Holdings

Comedy Mystery Crime
English     7.9     1989     USA


Cadaverous scream legend the Crypt Keeper is your macabre host for these forays of fright and fun based on the classic E.C. Comics tales from back in the day. So shamble up to the bar and pick your poison. Will it be an insane Santa on a personal slay ride? Honeymooners out to fulfill the "til death do we part" vow ASAP?


Brandon wrote:
**The Man That Was Death** -- **5 Stars** > Aww, poor little fellas. When I think of their childhood, all those cute little maggots hahahahaha. Our story is about a man with nobler ambitions. He likes to kill human pests and he does it in front of an audience. Now that's entertainment hahahaha. So hang onto your hats kiddies, this one's a real shocker. Niles Talbot (William Sadler) is a prison executioner that is just a little too good for his job. He works the electric chair. One of his favorite things in life is pulling the switch and watching the life dissipate from his victims. When the state does away with capital punishment and Talbot is let go from his job. He decides to keep the execution game going and hunts down criminals and doling out punishments on his own. This is the first ever Tales from the Crypt episode and that makes it pretty interesting. Our main character, Niles Talbot introduces a dark humor to the story when he breaks the fourth wall and conversates with the audience. It's executed really well and it sets the tone for the entire series.
KDawg39 wrote:
Since Brandon covered episode one, I'll cover episode two! S01E02 _"And All Through the House"_ Source: _Vault of Horror_ Written by: Fred Dekker Directed by: Robert Zemeckis (_Back to the Future_, _Who Framed Roger Rabbit_) Original Air Date: June 10, 1989 Plot: A greedy philandering wife (Mary Ellen Trainor) kills her second husband (Marshall Bell) for his insurance money. Upon getting rid of the body, she is unexpectedly attacked by a hideous escaped mental patient (Larry Drake) dressed as Santa Claus who has been going around killing women. She soon realizes that her own young daughter is in complete danger from within the horrific situation. Rating: 4/5 (8.0)