Satan also has one son.

Horror Fantasy Action
103 min     6.281     1989     USA


In 17th century New England, witch hunter Giles Redferne captures an evil warlock, but the conjurer eludes death with supernatural help. Flung into the future, the warlock winds up in the 1980s and plans to bring about the end of the world. Redferne follows the enchanter into the modern era and continues his mission, but runs into trouble in such unfamiliar surroundings. With the help of a young woman, can Redferne finally defeat the warlock?


GenerationofSwine wrote:
This is a B-Movie Gem, it really is, it's a brilliant way to merge a movie about Salem era witches into a more affordable environment. And what makes it better is that it has a great sense of humor, and constantly plays it perfectly straight. There are so many little things that were intentionally funny, and would have ruined the film if the actors hammed it up, but instead they approached it as straight as if it were a drama. It made for a super fun and enjoyable film.