A comedy that's Heaven sent.

Comedy Fantasy
87 min     4.5     1990     USA


Spin off from the classic 1946 Jimmy Stewart film "It's A Wonderful Life" finds his protecting angel, Clarence, again returning to Earth to help another human.


r96sk wrote:
A pale imitation of its predecessor. 'Clarence' is probably exactly how you'd imagine a sequel/spin-off to 1946's 'It's a Wonderful Life'. It's charm is completely lost, and while it does have some heart it fails to make an noteworthy impact. Robert Carradine is, at least, passable with his performance as the titular character. He is fine. Kate Trotter is the 'best' of the rest. The plot is practically the same, though is obviously shrunk to fit into the requirements of a television film. It's less of a journey, for sure. Ultimately, this is extremely pointless. It, admittedly, isn't awful though.