Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

A love story... With strings attached!

Comedy Crime Drama
102 min     6.885     1990     Spain


Recently released from a mental hospital, Ricky ties up Marina, a film star he once had sex with and keeps her hostage.


lmao7 wrote:
Instant fave! For me this is a romantic comedy film in a twisted way. I love how Antionio Banderas played his character and combined being psycho, lonely, passionate and mental. Also loved Victoria Abril’s character like how she fell for her kidnapper (coz Antonio is so cute here)! Their scenes are so hot and what added to their chemistry is their vulnerability - great acting! Not so many supporting characters like other Almodovar films. The sister’s great and very likeable. The director…kinda annoying. And of course, very funny to see Rossy de Palma’s face again - now as a drug dealer. Also want to say that I love the happy ending - nobody died! It’s just so peaceful and made me feel good after watching it.