City Slickers

Yesterday they were businessmen. Today they're cowboys. Tomorrow they'll be walking funny.

Comedy Western
114 min     6.4     1991     USA


Three New York businessmen decide to take a "Wild West" vacation that turns out not to be the relaxing vacation they had envisioned.


Peter McGinn wrote:
This is is a fairly funny movie. Billy Crystal’s character and two friends head out for a dude ranch for an adventure vacation. The jokes come vast and furious as do the sight gags. Jack Palance made a bit of a name for himself with his cowboy antics and one-armed pushups. My favorite scene had nothing to do with dude ranch stuff. Mitch (Crystal) is explaining how a DVD recorder doesn’t even require the tv to record a show, and his friend just isn’t getting it. It’s hilarious. This isn’t a movie classic or anything, but plenty entertaining enough.