Doc Hollywood

He was headed to Beverly Hills to be a plastic surgeon... but he took an exit to a town that didn't take plastic.

Comedy Romance
104 min     6.3     1991     USA


After leaving Washington D.C. hospital, plastic surgeon Ben Stone heads for California, where a lucrative practice in Beverly Hills awaits. After a car accident, he's sentenced to perform as the community's general practitioner.


Wuchak wrote:
_**Likable small town dramedy with Michael J. Fox**_ A young doctor in DC (Michael J. Fox) wants to become a flashy, high-paid plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, but breaks down in a quaint town in South Carolina where he gets back-to-basics and learns that some things are more important than money. Julie Warner and Bridget Fonda play contrasting romantic interests while Woody Harrelson is on hand as a rival and David Ogden Stiers as the mayor. The plot of “Doc Hollywood” (1991) is reminiscent of Northern Exposure and was obviously ripped off by the animated “Cars” (2006). It’s an agreeable Southern town drama with fun touches highlighted by likable Fox as the protagonist. It’s like Mayberry R.F.D. with a lil’ edge. It’s always a pleasure to see Bridget Fonda, just don’t expect the alluring apparel of “Shag” (1989) and “Jackie Brown” (1997). The film runs 1 hour, 44 minutes, and was shot in Florida; Santa Clarita & Los Angeles, California; and Richmond, Virginia. GRADE: B-