Glengarry Glen Ross

Lie. Cheat. Steal. All in a day’s work.

Crime Drama Mystery
100 min     7.379     1992     USA


When an office full of Chicago real estate salesmen is given the news that all but the top two will be fired at the end of the week, the atmosphere begins to heat up. Shelley Levene, who has a sick daughter, does everything in his power to get better leads from his boss, John Williamson, but to no avail. When his coworker Dave Moss comes up with a plan to steal the leads, things get complicated for the tough-talking salesmen.


Andres Gomez wrote:
Interesting adaptation of a theater play with a great cast for a choral movie. The script is not that interesting, from my POV, but this is a story for actors and the cast is great.
Renovatio wrote:
Incredibly realistic mood… It captures the environment of a sales team so well… The stress, the competition, the somewhat adversarial relationship between management and the front office… The predatory, hunter-gatherer nature of it all Such a great film…
JPV852 wrote:
Good David Mamet written film, with the usual Mamet-style dialogue, that doesn't have a real plot and not quite a character study either, yet still engrossing even with characters who are real estate scammers. Seen this several times over the years and still mesmerized by Jack Lemmon's performance. Pacino was good but Lemmon deserved the nod over him. **4.0/5**