When you have attitude, who needs experience?

Action Comedy Crime
102 min     5.8     1992     USA


George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job, and his college-age girlfriend is pregnant. To top it off, George's brother Brad is killed and George inherits Brad's "patrol special" privatized police district and all the problems that come with it.


stugood wrote:
A film so uneven in tone it can't decide what genre it's in. It's a romance-comedy- no wait, it's a cop-comedy. Then comes the bullet-riddled death count and it's clear this is a confused piece of cinema, in which even the fifth-wall is broken. All this playfulness needn't had been a bad thing, except here it merely culminates to an early-nineties mess. Some recipes with a large list of ingredients work, some don't; in this film, there's simply no room left for an audience to get comfortable. Slater being Slater (or Jack Nicholson) is the redeeming card, if of course, that is you like him. Kuffs is ultimately a bit of fun, even if the film itself doesn't always know it.
GenerationofSwine wrote:
Yeah, the humor in this is kind of off-beat, at least a lot of the jokes in it are not what you see in many movies like this. It kind of walks the line between being an honest action film, and almost, I don't know, maybe a Zucker film with how some of the humor sits. And the humor is probably why it wasn't very well received. I'm not complaining, I actually liked it, but I can see where a lot of people were put off by it. Kind of maybe expecting Lethal Weapon. Don't expect Lethal Weapon, and don't expect Naked Gun. Kind of expect a 90s hybrid that encompasses that little evolution point between the late 80s cinematic tropes and the 90s cinematic tropes. A weird and enjoyable hybrid for the time, and for the genre.