Lazennec Tout Court

9 min     6.8     1992     France


A commuter suddenly realizes he's mistakenly boarded the express train and desperately tries to get off between stations.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Daniel Rialet is the passenger who rushes for his train in the morning only to find that's it the bright yellow express train and that not only isn't his ticket valid, but it's not going to stop until well past his destination. The ticket inspector (Jacques Martial) is sympathetic but there's nothing he can do - except expect him to buy another ticket! What about the driver, thinks the man? He heads to the cabin and manages to persuade the man to slow the train down so he can nip out at the next station. The remaining passengers on the train are on tenterhooks as they approach the station, the strain slows down, and... The last two minutes of this are really quite funny and frustrating in equal measure and it's evocative of so many commutes I made when living and working in London (though perhaps not the very last bit!). You don't need to speak French, the humour is multi-lingual and well worth ten minutes.