Passion Fish

Have you ever dreamed of escaping to a place where you can begin again?

135 min     6.783     1992     USA


After an accident leaves her a paraplegic, a former soap opera star struggles to recover both emotionally and mentally, until she meets her newest nurse, who has struggles of her own.


Peter McGinn wrote:
I have watched Passion Fish many times and will certainly watch it again. It is one of those movies that seem practically perfect to me, from the lead performances of the ensemble cast down to the lesser characters, such as the numerous people who visit May_Alice and Chantelle during the course of the film. There are buckets a=of drama here that manages not to descend into melodrama (unlike the soap operas May-Alice used to act in), enough humor to leaven. The dramatic aspects, and personal growth that is realistic and helps us care more about the characters.