A River Runs Through It

The Story of an American Family.

Drama Family
123 min     7.039     1992     USA


A River Runs Through is a cinematographically stunning true story of Norman Maclean. The story follows Norman and his brother Paul through the experiences of life and growing up, and how their love of fly fishing keeps them together despite varying life circumstances in the untamed west of Montana in the 1920's.


Wuchak wrote:
_**Two brothers growing up in Montana during the 20s**_ After WW1, two brothers come-of-age in the Missoula area of Montana; one prudent (Craig Sheffer) and the other imprudent (Brad Pitt). Tom Skerritt plays their father, a wise Presbyterian minister, while Emily Lloyd plays the sensible son’s potential romantic interest. "A River Runs through It" (1992) was based on the memoir of American author Norman Maclean and is similar to “Legends of the Fall” (1994), but understandably more mundane (in a positive sense). This was Robert Redford’s third directorial effort and it was very successful. It effectively brings to life the Prohibition Era of the 20s and early 30s with their Model T's and speakeasies. Aside from Lloyd, Susan Traylor appears on the feminine front as a woman with, um, rather loose morals while Nicole Burdette plays the Indian lass that Pitt’s character brings to a speakeasy. The moral is deep and a little murky, but clear if you reflect on it. Regardless, it’s a great drama that takes you back to rural America during the roaring 20s. If you like “Legends of the Fall” and “The Horse Whisperer” (1998) it’s a must. The film runs 2 hours, 3 minutes, and was shot in western Montana (Livingston, Granite Falls & Bozeman) with one scene done in Wyoming. Needless to say, the locations are a highlight. GRADE: A-/B+