As Time Goes By


English     7.6     1992     GB


Two lovers are reunited after decades apart following a mutual misunderstanding.


Peter McGinn wrote:
This long-running show also stars Dame Judi Dench. This time she is paired with Geoffrey Palmer, an excellent actor we first noticed in yet another nearly perfect Britcom: Butterflies. In this series the two main characters were involved when they were much younger, but the Korean War and a misplaced letter caused their separation. Now, decades later they meet by chance. Dench’s character has two daughters who, along with a boyfriend played by Philip Breatherton, help carry the show. However, like most British shows, there are a plethora of strong character actors to form this wonderful ensemble cast. To mention only a couple: Joan Sims and Frank Middlemass. When I think back on this show, I remember several funny or touching moments, but I realize it ran for many years and for over 65 episodes, which means I need to go back and watch it all again and see all the subplots and moments I don’t remember. This show ran 20: years ago, but it still enjoys a strong following, and for good reason.