Much Ado About Nothing

Romance. Mischief. Seduction. Revenge. Remarkable.

Drama Comedy Romance
111 min     6.958     1993     United Kingdom


In this Shakespearean farce, Hero and her groom-to-be, Claudio, team up with Claudio's commanding officer, Don Pedro, the week before their wedding to hatch a matchmaking scheme. Their targets are sharp-witted duo Benedick and Beatrice -- a tough task indeed, considering their corresponding distaste for love and each other. Meanwhile, meddling Don John plots to ruin the wedding.


DocTerminus wrote:
For Kenneth Branagh's 4th film he chose to return to The Bard that brought him here. He chose Shakespeare's farcical comedy **MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING**. I knew one thing going in... Shakespeare's comedies are rarely that funny. I knew something better coming out.. I could not have been more wrong. This film is not only funny and sexy, it is a treasure. This is the first Branagh film that he utilizes stunt casting - bringing in Hollywood talent into roles normally filled by Shakespearian actors. And while it isn't always perfect, there is no complaint. In fact Michael Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington shine some bright light toward the American talent pool. Of course, many of Kenneth's _'Shakespeare'_ friends are still along for the ride - Brian Blessed is amongst my favorites. Branagh's first major achievement with this film is on his screenplay treatment. Like his **HENRY V**, he has cut the screenplay down to a much more manageable Hollywood film length. It is taut and efficient. Nothing is missing for the casual Shakespeare fan. Of course the obsessed will find - or _won't_ find a lot of stuff. Branagh's second major achievement is shared by others in the cast, especially Emma Thompson. Their handle of the language and poetry of Shakespeare shifts what is often muddy and confusing dialogue to crystal clear and modern understanding. In fact you will find yourself smiling through most of their scenes together as they torture each other until their love takes over. In high school readings of any Shakespeare plays, students often get confused as to the social aspect of the stories... They would question why there is a party and why is everyone in the town celebrating it? Why do battles seem to be fought and won amongst only 10 soldiers? Why does it seem that marriages are performed on the same day that the couple first met? So many questions confuse students and the adults who grow from them. Branagh's most masterful achievement here is in answering these questions. During his **HENRY V**, Branagh used an incredibly impressive tracking shot through the death and destruction on the field of Agincourt. Just as impressive is the finale of **MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING**, including the audience in the celebration moving through the community and finally, up into the sky with a grand view of the love and excitement of all that are alive to experience it. It is obvious that Kenneth Branagh is a major fan of Shakespeare. I would venture to say that he is more than a fan, he is an artistic peer.