What's Love Got to Do with It

Who Needs A Heart When A Heart Can Be Broken?

Drama Music History
118 min     7.108     1993     USA


Singer Tina Turner rises to stardom while mustering the courage to break free from her abusive husband Ike.


Filipe Manuel Neto wrote:
**A discreet biographical film, that seems to me to fulfill its role.** Even those who don't like her, I think, have the honesty to recognize the impact and relevance of Tina Turner's music. She doesn't please everyone (nobody pleases everyone) but it is still a reference in 20th century music. Owner of a record that is hard to match, she has several awards, several Grammys and two stars on the Walk of Fame, among other honors. The film we have here, heavily based on the singer's autobiography, shows us a little of her personal life, how she became famous and her difficult marriage to Ike Turner. I never read the original book, but I believe the movie omits a lot of information and data to try to focus on the main thing. Brian Gibson ensures an efficient direction and the script is quite good, mainly because of the way it sticks to the story and facts, avoiding melodramas and cloying sentimentality. Of course, not everything goes smoothly: the film is quite predictable, and its pace, although pleasant, goes through several bumps that are basically musical pauses. The most relevant point in favor of this film is the excellent choice of the cast and the impeccable way in which it acts. Lawrence Fishburne has the difficult task of bringing the truculent Ike to life (and there aren't many characters more disgusting than an abusive husband), but he put in such effort that he manages to capture our attention with magnificent charisma. Beside her, the great Angela Bassett never seemed so powerful and electrifying. Incidentally, the resemblance of the two actors to the real figures they embody is truly remarkable. The film has excellent cinematography and good scenery. The costumes, props and even automobiles play an important role in building the atmosphere of the time in which things are happening (between the 50s and the beginning of the 80s). The soundtrack is also good and, predictably, it's basically based on songs by Tina Turner and Ike Turner.