Death Wish V: The Face of Death

No judge. No jury. No appeals. No deals.

Action Crime Drama
95 min     5.517     1994     Canada


Paul Kersey is back at working vigilante justice when his fiancée, Olivia, has her business threatened by mobsters


John Chard wrote:
These people, they steal, they murder, they destroy people's lives and they get away with it! Ah yes, the Death Wish series of films, each and every one guaranteed to invoke some ire and even hatred from critical circles and film lovers alike. Yet to think that they don't have fans from movie land would be wrong - case in point Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. Often considered to be the runt of the litter, it's actually better than what some would have you believe. OK! So the formula is the same as usual, Charles Bronson's Paul Kersey will have to take up his vigilante arms once again when someone close to him falls by the wayside. The law is still an ass and the bad guys can literally get away with murder, but they can't get away from crossing the path of Kersey. It is what it is in that respect, another chance for Bronson to please fans of the series, to attack his role with machismo and a quip on the tongue. Where inventive deaths are conjured with a side order of vigilante relish. There's even strains of film noir in here, with a henchman as a transvestite and another with a dandruff problem that bothers him so. There's even a mannequin factory for added noirish flavours. The production isn't exactly high end (tongue in cheek folks), and the usual suspension of disbelief is very much required, but for fans of Chuck and the series, then this delivers the goods. Bloodily so. 7/10