While You Were Sleeping

A story about love at second sight.

Romance Comedy
103 min     6.9     1995     USA


A transit worker pulls commuter Peter off railway tracks after he's mugged, but—while he's in a coma—his family mistakenly thinks she's Peter's fiancée, and she doesn't correct them. Things get more complicated when she falls for his brother, who's not quite sure that she's who she claims to be.


Kamurai wrote:
Really good watch, would watch again, and can recommend. This feels like a classic watch, like a movie that started a trope...but I can't think of a single other movie that did what this movie does. Sure there are movies about comas, amnesia, lying, but they don't do it in the same way, and I honestly believe it's because this movie did it so well that no one wants to risk copying it and do worse. This is also a great example of good situational comedy without bleeding over into abuse humor: at no point is she "suffering", she's not attacked, or wronged, but she's in a difficult situation that doesn't lend towards pleasantness in a ridiculous fashion, mostly because the family is insane, in the best of ways. Every single actor in this really brings it too. There are plenty of notable names, but as much as Sandra Bullock elevates the quiet, reserved character of Lucy, there are so many other good actors and characters throughout the movie, it feels extremely balanced, despite all the different story angles happening. The other thing happening is that this is sort of a reverse mystery. Instead of information that other characters know being hidden from the audience to be revealed later, the audience is almost the only one to know the truth until aspects are slowly revealed to the rest of the cast. If you haven't see this yet, put it on your list, I promise it still holds up: even if there are no smart phones yet, you'll barely notice.
r96sk wrote:
Insanely cheesy and overtly sentimental... yet, I kinda like 'While You Were Sleeping'. Sandra Bullock is probably the main reason for the latter, as she gives a near perfect performance for this sorta role. The rest of the cast are good too, from Bill Pullman to Peter Gallagher to Jason Bernard. The story is paced finely, it's really just the strong cheese that brings the rating down for me. Still: 7/10. It's the sixth Jon Turteltaub film that I've seen: I'd class each one as good. Reliable director!